Letters of Intent for the 2024 election

For President

I was asked by several FDGA members to consider running for the office of FDGA President. After much thought and consideration, I have decided to throw my hat in the ring. This message serves as my Letter of Intent to run for office.

My name is Elizabeth (Beth) Kennelley and my farm is Devonshire Dairy Goats in Archer, Florida. I raised and showed Oberhasli dairy goats for over 25 years and I’m a life-time member of ADGA having joined in 1994. I have actively participated in and been an advocate for many dairy goat programs including DHIR (milk test), Linear Appraisal, and CAE prevention. Over the years, I have served FDGA as an Officer (President and Treasurer-Secretary), Director, and Show Chair. In addition to my years of FDGA service, I have also served as the Youth Show Co-Chair for the Florida State Fair (7 years), as the Dairy Goat Show Chair for the Alachua County Youth Fair (10 years), and as the 4-H Co-Leader of The Udder Club of Alachua County in support of our dairy goat youth.

I believe in FDGA and the services that the club has provided in the past. Dairy goat husbandry information and marketing education for our members and the general public are even more important today with the increased demand for dairy goat products. Supporting and educating our youth as the future of the dairy goat industry is of utmost importance. I’d like to see educational opportunities become a big part of FDGA again while maintaining our goal of providing a safe, fun, and well-organized dairy goat show for its members and other breeders.

I believe that my experience and love of all things dairy goats along with my commitment to making our club better for all involved makes me an ideal candidate for FDGA President. It is my hope that you, the members of FDGA, will consider electing me to that office when it is time to vote.

Thank you.

Beth Kennelley

vice president

Hi FDGA members,

I was asked by some members to consider running for Vice President in the upcoming election. After much thought about what I could offer the membership, and my ability to work objectively with others, I've decided to submit this letter of intent to run for the office of Vice President of FDGA.

I've been involved with dairy goats (Nigerian Dwarfs) on the farm since the 90s. In 2017, I became interested in showing and started my own herd, Top Shelf Dairy Goats, which now consists of several Alpines and one retired Nigerian doe.

While my focus as a breeder is on showing, in my capacity as an FDGA Director (for two terms now) I've fully recognized that our mission is to promote dairy goats...all aspects of dairy goats not just showing. Educational workshops for members, supporting youth organizations such as FFA & 4H, and other aspects that our members are involved in should have equal investment of time and resources. I'd appreciate your consideration in voting for me to be Vice President!

Warren Parker


Update: It has come to my attention that the treasurer and secretary are combined positions. I am happy to fulfill both roles and have amended my letter of intent. See below.

Hi FDGA members,I am submitting my letter of intent to run for FDGA secretary. A little about me, I have had dairy goats for about 30 years, primarily LaManchas under the Honey Road herd name. I moved to FL from NC ten years ago. I have been interested in becoming more involved with FDGA for a few years, and made the decision to run for a board position after I retired last year. I have read the CBL treasurer and secretary duties and feel I am qualified to fulfill these roles. I agree in full transparency and accountability to members with financial record keeping for the club as well as all board minutes on a regular basis. As a club or board member, I support the original goal of promoting dairy goats through community education, especially through youth support and involvement. I would like to see the club resume the annual conference and hold other fun and educational events that would be of interest to a broad range of members.Thank you for your consideration and please feel free to ask any questions you may have.

Jill Bullock


Hello FDGA members,I would like to submit a letter of intent to run for Treasurer for FDGA. I have only recently joined as a board member so I am still getting acclimated, but I have a good bit of experience with accounting, budgeting and cash flow planning. I am familiar with all aspects of performing the duties of Treasurer.

I have 25+ years work experience as both a CPA and accounting/finance for public companies. I am currently licensed to practice in Florida and work primarily with individuals and small companies in tax and accounting.

My adventures with Nubian dairy goats began 13 years ago with a lot of teaching and encouragement from my dear friend and goat mentor Kristian Colding. My husband Danny and I have enjoyed working on our goat “project” together over the years. We especially enjoy attending shows and getting to hang out with the friends we have made with others who share the love for these endearing animals. It is a unique set of knowledge and skills and a lot of work which seems to bond us goat people together. We also try to make it to the National Convention each year to spend time with goat people from across the country, learn new things and find out about new products and tools.

Our herd attends GIG most every year. But I would support additional activities, workshops, training sessions etc for our members to enrich the overall value of being a member of this organization.

Thank you for your consideration!

Mary Fischer


Hello FDGA members,

I am submitting my letter of intent to run for one of the vacant directors positions for 2024-2025.

I feel I can be an asset to the Board of Directors. I have served in several positions over the last 15 years.  From director to president.

I own Lamanchas and Oberhasli and Recorded Grades.

I participate in DHI yearly and do LA when I can afford too.

I believe in promoting and helping educate new people coming in as first time dairy goat owners for home or show animals to kids and their first 4-H goats.

I was told from a young age you are never to old to learn something new.

I believe in a member driven base club and totally agree with Jill on accountability to the members.

I have stayed involved since I step down 2 years ago. And I would like to continue to be a part of this club.

Looking back trying to figure out just when the club started I found documents back to 1975.

This club will be turning 50 years this next year.

It has had it's ups & downs but the members and dicated FDGA board have kept it going.

Please consider voting for me to be a part of FDGA board in this up coming election.

Thank you Judy Rummel


Dear FDGA members,

I am submitting my letter of intent to run for FDGA director. I have had dairy goats for about 13 years. During that time I have primarily raised Nubians, but have also had Nigerians, Sannens and LaManchas under the Doe Lake herd name.

I am running for director because I feel the direction of the club needs a change of course. I would work to ensure that we once again become a club that focuses on education and promotion of all aspects of dairy goats.

I would like to see the club bi-monthly, or quarterly, educational clinics covering multiple topics of interest across the state. I would like to see the yearly conference return, and of course to continue to host the Goats in Gatorland show.

Thank you for your consideration and please feel free to ask any questions you may have.

Lori Anderson

16904 Douglas Rd, Groveland, FL 34736



I am posting to let the members know that I entering my letter of intent to run for a second term as Director.

I was voted in by the BOD to replace Donna when she stepped down for health reasons, and am a strong believer in following the CBL, and the members requests, as well as improving the club.

I look forward to serving the members of FDGA for a second term, and hope to get things back up and running for our members in the form of seminars and clinics to help our members to learn what they can do to better serve the animals that we all love so much.

I was on the Show Committee for GIG in 2024 and happy to report an extremely successful show for the club as well as the members.

I look forward to a wonderful 2025 show at GIG, and to see what things we can do for the members in the years to come.

Thank you, Michael Covey