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Results for the 2020 FDGA Halloween Costume Contest:
These images were submitted by Jessica Poulin and Member, Vickie Chisholm. Congratulations!!!!!
Funniest Photo – “Mmm, who would have thought I liked Hotdogs?” not sure who ate more hot dogs.. Elli or Merville… featuring Elli Poulin and Merville
Most Original Costume – “Hotdog Cookout”… pass the mustard please! These two look delicious! Image features Elli Poulin and Merville.
Best Pair – “Love is in the Air” I mean, who can resist sweet goat kisses? Featuring Elli Poulin and Honey Bunny
Club Favorite – ““Mmm, who would have thought I liked Hotdogs?” Congratulations Elli and Merville!
Thank you so much to Jessica, Vicky, Elli, Merville, and Honey Bunny for sharing these images! If you missed this contest..don’t worry… more to come….

Elli Poulin and Merville

Winners of:

Funniest Photo

Most Original Costume

Club Favorite

Elli Poulin and Honey Bunny

Winners of:

Best Pair